About Joann Frechette

Photography has been an important element of my life since growing up in New York City. My father, who was an avid photographer, took photographs in the military during World War II. When I was a teenager, he passed his 1940s Leica and his love of photography on to me, and I have been looking at the world through a lens ever since.

As a photographer I have always been drawn to Henri Cartier-Bresson’s use of space in his images, Helen Levitt’s and George Tice’s unique visions of city life, and, more recently, to Christopher Beane’s exploration of the structure of flowers. When photographing the architecture of New York City, the farms and landscape of Martha’s Vineyard, I seek the essential structure and underlying patterns in my subjects through the exploration of shape, form, and light.  I am always looking for the hidden surprise, that which is not readily apparent.

In addition to photographing in my hometown of New York City,  I love capturing the world through my camera during my travels. Some of my images from the Galapagos, Prague, and Italy are in my Travel gallery. For almost 20 years I have been a summer resident of Martha’s Vineyard.  I find the Vineyard to be an inspirational setting, a place where I can continue to realize my passion for photography.


Professional Women Photographers; Member of Board of Directors and the Exhibitions Committee.  As a member of the Exhibitions Committee, I have co-curated and juried numerous NYC photography exhibits.

Martha's Vineyard Art Association; Artist member; Jury Committee